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Donations from Wednesday April 18th through July 31st

Seating for live classes online classes opens August 1st, but as a thank you we do seat families that donate or volunteer in an early seating about mid-July.

How can I donate?

Donate by check to Tammy Moore at 205 S Elm St, Blevins, AR 71825

Prefer PayPal? Use e-mail address

Please be sure to use the teacher part of the e-mail address. There is a g-mail account without that and it is not someone from our project.

What do donations pay for?

The Blackboard Collaborate online classroom annual subscription at just under $5,000 a year. Under this subscription, each teaching volunteer has a classroom to use for the school year.

Our other large cost is the server that our site/LMS runs on. We serve over 4,000 active student accounts each month, so it takes a fully dedicated server with the maximum RAM they offer so there are enough resources to meet peak demand and hold all of our data. We also have found that the full service package where if we need any technical help with the server we can get it from our server host to have been invaluable this last year and we would like to get it again for next year. The server cost will run around $4200 without the added support subscription and around $5000 with it.


Thank You!

Amount given so far:

goal: $10,000

Each line is $500. We are starting out with leftover from the 2017/18 school year of $1200. Last update: July 11, 2018