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Donate until July 31st

Seating for live classes online classes opens August 1st, but as a thank you we do seat families that donate or volunteer in an early seating about mid-July.

How can I donate?

Donate by check to Tammy Moore at 205 S Elm St, Blevins, AR 71825. If sending a check, drop a note to the e-mail below so we can begin setting your family up for early seating.

Prefer PayPal? Use e-mail address

Please be sure to use the teacher part of the e-mail address. There is a g-mail account without that and it is not someone from our project.

What do donations pay for?

Online classrooms

Server - Less of our budget than usual for this year because we did a two-year renewal last year after a large price hike made that a logical option to go for.

Administration tools - Collaborative inbox (new this year) so our team of admin can work together to keep up with the e-mail load. Google Suite Pro for our e-mail address and document needs.

Incidentals - Minimum balance in the project checking account so we don't get hit with fees, purchase of a few loaner or consumable resources volunteers need so they will not have out of pocket costs to volunteer.

Rainy Day fund - Last year's surprise price hike on the server woke us up to needing a little reserve to prepare for surprises. Administrator volunteers gave with extreme generosity out of their family budgets last year when after donation season closed we were hit with an out of the norm price jump for the server. It was nearly twice our norm from the last 12 years of very predictable slow price increases. We want to be ready for next year so that we can meet with them early in the spring before doantion sseason usually is open and tell them if they plan to do that again we will move to a different host. WWe will need to have funds from this year since a move needs to be timed for Jun so we can actually financially do that if we need to.


Thank You!

Amount given so far:

goal: $10,000

Each line is $500. We are starting out with leftover from the 2017/18 school year of $1460. Last update: July 9, 2019