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This is a 9 week class that will provide practice and instruction for beginning basics of using watercolor paint and doodling in an art journal. Students will learn about two basic elements of art: color and line. Each lesson includes video lessons shown using viewpure. Some lessons also have students read outside web pages-especially for older students.

Following each lesson, an activity will be provided for students to put what they are learning into practice by working in their own art journals. There are also quizzes to complete and forums to upload assignments for other students to view.

Ages: This class can be used by any age student, but elementary students will need parent assistance.

  • You need the ability to print a worksheet from your computer.
  • You need to be able to watch videos on View Pure.
  • You need the ability to upload photos of your work to the forum. This can be scanned copies or photos taken with a camera or smartphone.

  • a mixed media journal
  • set of watercolor paints
  • a general use paintbrush set
  • black fine point sharpie
  • paper towels
  • set of colorful markers
  • various colors of cheap, acrylic paints (red, yellow, blue, black, and white)

  • Lesson 1: Color Theory
  • Lesson 2: Color Theory Part 2
  • Lesson 3: Doodling and Lines
  • Lesson 4: Diving in to Watercolor
  • Lesson 5: The Basics of Watercolor
  • Lesson 6: Watercolor Techniques
  • Lesson 7: Mark Making
  • Lesson 8: Doodle then Paint
  • Lesson 9: Starburst

The main purpose of this class is to have fun while experimenting with art. Grades will come from automatically scored quizzes on the content students learn in their video lessons as well as their hands-on experience in their art journaling. The forum where students upload their completed artwork is not graded. Instead, each week the student will also take a one question quiz that asks them if they completed that week's assignment and showed it to their parent or teacher. This will require honesty on the part of the student, and will require that parents be responsible for checking their students work. It is mainly a completion grade.

This class is meant to be worked on for fun. Hopefully students learn in the process and discover that there is a lot to love about keeping an art journal!