Enrollments Begin August 1st

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Speech and Debate Enroll

This live class is full.

Early Seating Families can already Enroll. The course will move to the site home page for open seating on Aug 1st and then the open seating enrollment code will be visible. 

Live Class Option Details:

Session Options: Meets 1 day a week

Wednesday at 1pm Central

Thursday at 9am Central 

Live Class Calendar matches the VHSG project break schedule:

    • Start Date:  Week of September 10, 2018
    • Thanksgiving Break:  November 10-25, 2018
    • Christmas Break:  December 22, 2018-January 6, 2019
    • Last Classes Meet:  Week of February 18, 2019


† Contains distinctly Christian content

Competitive Speech & Debate is a 20-week course designed to quickly take novice public speakers through the basics of speech-craft and prepare them for effective competitive debating. Students who complete this course will be well prepared to join speech and debate tournaments in their area, or simply improve their ability to effectively present and defend their ideas.

This will be a rigorous high school level course and will require approximately one hour each weekday out of class for research and preparation.


No text is needed, but students must have a means to share their speech and participate in debate. Some performances will be live in the online classroom and others the student will provide a recording link for instructor and peer review. All students must have a webcam, headset with microphone (quality of audio will play a part in scoring), and access to YouTube, Vimeo, or a file hosting account (Drop Box, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.) to post their own speech recordings.

To accommodate families that have blocked YouTube on their student's computers, our example presentations are provided through ViewPure. Please white list this website. Students that use YouTube to host their performances will be instructed how to adjust their video sharing settings to viewable but unlisted and how to use ViewPure to get a link classmates can view to put in to peer reviewed activities.