Live Online Classes for 2019-20 - Early Seating Enrollment Only


At this point, classes in this category are only open to Early Seating families.  Find out more info about enrollment in our VHSG 101 section.  Early Seating runs only through July 31.  General Seating is for 24 hours only starting noon on August 1.  ONLY classes that don't fill in Early Seating will move to General Seating.  Both Early Seating and General Seating are subject to lottery if we don't get enough volunteers.  (Early Seating families are seated first.)


Want to check the status of a specific course? Click this link to view our "Course Status" list. (Classes don't make it on here until we have a submitted Teacher Contract. Teachers, if you are still in process, please finish the commit process by working with the Teacher Recruit Team at the email above.)

Course Status List

Any course with red on it on the Course Status Page still needs more volunteers. (We start enrolling once we get a teacher so we have an idea how many teachers and graders we will need.  However, the course can ONLY run if we get the graders stepping up to volunteer.  Even Early Seating classes will be subject to lottery.)  Email the recruit teams at the corresponding emails.

Have you already emailed to volunteer? Then YOU need to check your spam folders and make sure you didn't miss anything. Make sure you add the above emails to your contacts!

At this point, these classes are ONLY enrolling for Early Seating Families.  Please see this link to learn more about how enrollment works.

VHSG 101

Course descriptions for classes not listed yet can be seen on our Knowledge Base.