Volunteer Training

This category (will) contains a variety of useful courses for training volunteers including a section for the volunteers to have a sandbox as a place to learn and experiment.


Just log in to the account that you want to enroll in to a course and click on the course name in the left column. Then enter the self-enrollment key posted in the course description. 



Teacher Training

If you are interested in teaching or learning more about teaching, please enroll in this course.   This will include both the training resources and the sign up sheets for teacher recruitment.

We are beginning to recruit returning teachers NOW.  We will be holding teacher training for new and returning teachers starting around June 15.  If you are new and just want to learn more, please enroll in this course and join us for some training/informational sessions.  

This course and the training is to give you the information to make a decision.  Even if you just want to see what teaching is like for possibly a future year, please join us.  

We are trying to add in some self paced training resources as time allows.  There will also be scheduled live training sessions linked within this course.  We will be starting those in the last couple weeks of June.

Enrollment Key:  Teacher1819#

Seating Status: Enrollment Key is enrollme (all lowercase)

This course is for the volunteer teachers for our live classes.

Key: enrollme

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Any volunteer course builder may enroll.

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Mission Possible

Interested in Volunteering?  Please enroll in this course to view some of our volunteer needs.  This course allows you to work with a mentor to learn what you need to do and learn the software.  

Potential Needs:


Teaching or helping with existing courses (under direction of a lead teacher)

Assistance with website email/admin responsibilities

Assisting with building new courses (tutorials are given)

Some tasks are already up, and we will be adding more as time goes on.

If you are a teacher or builder with projects you would like to add to the list in this course, contact Carla at carlaclasses@gmail.com.

Course enrollment Key: Enroll_Me2