| Friday, 16 August 2019 |
Global event

Parent and Student Orientation (Required for all live class families prior to class starting)

2:00 PM

Link to Newrow Online Classroom for Orientation

(Use either Chrome or Firefox browser)

This session:  Friday, 8/16 - 2:00 PM CST

STUDENTS AND PARENTS must attend an orientation prior to their first day of online class.  (Please attend WITH your student.)

Study Skills and Mystery of History 2 Middle School already have sessions starting the week of August 19.

Please attend one of these sessions before attending your first class.  If you have a headset, please bring it to the orientation.  We will be testing out settings.  These orientations allow us to make sure you aren't having technical issues PRIOR to the start of class.  Teachers do not have time the first day of class to work with multiple students on tech settings.  That is the purpose of these sessions.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THEM.  We also give an introduction to how the classroom works and go over class behavior expectations.

Log on using the device your student expects to use in the online classroom during classes.  That will help us make sure settings are working correctly for them.